Thanks Kerry Curtis

From last year (forgot to post), from the
mantlepiece exhibtion in Bath.
Photograph by John Taylor.

Objects on mantlepiece from left to right: Andy Warhol book/soup can/ET toy/junkshop picture/M/M Paris limited edtion candle/casio VL tone keyboard/son's hand made pokemon video cover/Nils Frahm (brian records) release/Woody Allen (real wood version)/Buddha loop machine/Ed Ruscha signed CD/clay face by son/sticker from Solitary Arts/Cat painting from junk shop in Peckham/Door stop from Spain/my bad version of the painting as a postcard/Bionic record 12 inch whitelabel written and made with Sam Piyasena/rubber stamp of Steve Austin used for the record/Peter Broderick record/Coloured tape bean can/black glove face by melanie/on wall DFW comic featuring Andrew Jeffrey Wright/Barry Mcgee/Isaac lin/Lucky Dragons cassette.

Print screenprinted by here

Thanks Puck